How Can You Prepare Your Home For a Heavy Snowfall?

    The winter season is upon us, and while snow can be beautiful and fun for children, winter weather can bring on many risks as well. A powerful snowstorm or blizzard can cause severe damage to your home. It can cause power outages, damage your roof and gutters, and lead to an emergency situation. Therefore, preparing your home for heavy snowfall well in advance is never a bad idea.
    NBC Philadelphia shares some handy tips from local storm repair experts, Pro Storm Repair.
    Check the gutters for any blockages, as a snowstorm can turn small plumbing and water issues into a disaster. Make sure to clean your gutters because they can easily become damaged during the winter season if not maintained and cleaned regularly.
    Check for any loose shingles or cracks in the roof as heavy snow can cause leakages. Check whether your roof is in need of repair or reinforcements to make sure it does not cave in when the snow gets too heavy. It is recommended to book a roof inspection by a certified professional at Pro Storm Repair Inc.
    If you utilize a chimney to stay warm during winters, make sure to sweep the chimney and check for any cracks or damages. It is best to hire a professional to ensure waterproofing in advance.
    For your thermostat, make sure to keep it running at regular heating intervals. It will keep your home’s temperature stable.
    As an added protection, weatherproof any gaps that might be in your doors and windows. Increase the insulation for doors and windows to keep it warm inside the house.
    Make sure to trim any weak and dangerous tree branches or shrubs hanging close to your roof, car, or windows because, during powerful winds or heavy snow, it may cause possible damage or injury.
    It is recommended to clear the snowfall away before it becomes too massive but make sure to take all measures to stay warm before beginning to shovel snow.
    There is the risk of fires even during heavy snow, so ensure ventilation, fire alarms, and carbon monoxide detectors are all working correctly.
    A snowstorm may make it difficult to go to the store for supplies, so make sure to keep emergency supplies stocked and ready. Make sure to stock enough food, water, medicine, tools, chargers, flashlights, and batteries.
    Make sure there are plenty of blankets, sleeping bags, and warm layers to keep you warm in case there is a power outage, or the heating system breaks down.
    If you are worried about the safety of your home’s roof, gutters, siding, and windows, etc., during a snowstorm, it is best to call our roofing experts for an inspection. They will make sure to thoroughly inspect everything and make sure your house is ready to deal with a storm or blizzard. Call 1-833-344-PROS to book an inspection.