Need storm damage repair services in New Jersey? Call Pro Storm Repair Inc. at 201-834-7304. As weather patterns continue to become more unpredictable, severe storms pose a serious threat to homes and property in Bergen County, NJ, and the surrounding areas. High winds, large hail, lightning, and unrelenting rain can cause a significant amount of damage to a structure. Often, these damages need immediate repair in order for occupants to use the premises safely once again. When your home has been storm damaged, Pro Storm Repair is here to help! We offer a large selection of services to assist you and your loved ones in recovering from the effects of a severe weather event. Whether your home has experienced roof or siding damage, our team has the knowledge and resources to make durable, long-lasting repairs. All of our storm damage assessments are free, and we’ll be happy to take a look at any issues your home is experiencing since the storm.  

Roofing Repair for Storm-Damaged Homes in Bergen County, NJ

The roof of your home provides the ultimate protection against the elements. When your roof becomes damaged due to severe storm conditions, it can be an extremely traumatic experience. Typically, three types of weather events can lead to roof damage to a home. The first of these is wind. High winds can cause a multitude of problems, including stripping exterior shingles off and breaking the water-shedding surface area. If your home was recently hit with severe winds and you’re concerned about the state of your roof, it’s important you contact a professional roofing company like Pro Storm Repair in Bergen County, NJ, to provide an inspection. Hail can also cause a great deal of damage. The ice during a hail storm can compress shingles, compromising their long-term durability. It can also shatter slate shingles and loosen flashing. In rare cases, hail can also penetrate the home in areas where the roof was previously damaged and susceptible to impact. Finally, falling debris can also damage your roof. Most often, trees are the primary culprit of roof damage due to falling objects during a storm. Yet, smaller debris can also cause cracks and negatively affect a home’s roof. If the roof of your residence in Bergen County, NJ has been recently damaged due to wind, hail, or falling debris, make sure to contact the professionals at Pro Storm Repair. We always provide a free inspection of the damage and offer a comprehensive analysis of the damage and roof repair costs.  

Siding Repair for Storm-Damaged Homes in Bergen County, NJ

The siding of your home not only beautifies the structure but also adds an additional layer of protection against the outdoors. When a severe storm hits, siding is normally the first part of a structure to sustain damage. Compromised siding can lead to a multitude of long-term problems, including pest infestation and water intrusion. Hail and falling debris are the two most common causes of siding damage in Bergen County, NJ, and the surrounding areas. Vinyl siding can be cracked and broken altogether when impacted by a foreign object. Other forms of siding, like aluminum, can also be affected by storms separating from the structure and leaving an opportunity for pests and water to infiltrate the home. If you’ve noticed siding damage on your home, give our team a call. We’ll come out and assess the situation with no obligation to you. Our free inspection will cover precisely what needs to be done for your home to be safe again.  

We’ll Work With Your Homeowners Insurance

Unlike many of our competitors, we’ll work with your homeowner’s insurance company to ensure the storm damage to your home is covered. After our preliminary free inspection of the residence, we’ll meet with your insurance adjuster and compare both repair estimates. Our itemized estimate to return your home to pre-loss condition will be thoroughly reviewed with your insurance company, ensuring they are aware of all damages sustained to the structure. Once we’ve discussed the work with your adjuster, our team will sit down with you and explain the materials and time needed to finish all the work. As the job progresses, we’ll provide you with daily updates and make sure the job is completed on time. Finally, we’ll make sure your insurance company is provided with all the relevant repair documentation so your home won’t be affected by a depreciation in value.  

Contact Us Today for a Free Repair Inspection!

Pro Storm Repair is committed to helping the communities we serve as they recover from a severe storm. If your home recently experienced a weather event in Bergen County, NJ, or the surrounding area, give us a call. Our preliminary storm repair estimate is always free, and there’s absolutely no obligation. We’ll thoroughly assess your house and make sure all repairs needed are clearly itemized. Whether wind, hail, or falling debris, Pro Storm Repair is here to help with reliable building materials, high-quality craftsmanship, and an unwavering commitment to our customers. Get quick and quality storm damage repairs in NJ at Pro Storm Repair Inc. Call 201-834-7304.  


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